Books by K.M. Cannon

Kristan Cannon also writes novels and short fiction as K.M. Cannon when not freelancing as a writer-for-hire.

The Rangers of Walden Book Series

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Surviving the winter will only be half the battle...

At the height of a brutal Canadian Winter, the world as everyone knew it came crashing down, leaving the survivors to deal with the ashes of their fallen nations. In the Northern Ontario city of Sudbury, the Withers and other survivors scramble to pick up the shattered remains of everything they knew while a warlord known only as Colonel Harnet and other raiders press in on all sides.

In Sudbury, Daniel Wither must protect the Mayor and other survivors in City Hall from direct assault. In the now distant Whitefish, his daughter grapples to pick up the pieces of civilization with the help of Derek Moss. Further west, at a dam cut off from the rest of civilization, Garrett Wither must keep his people from becoming the raiders he had to defend a small town from. The tough as nails Gina Egivand rescues the eldest Wither brother, Russell, from freezing to death on the side of the road before venturing into Sudbury for supplies and food so her people can survive.

The New Stand-Alone Novel

One mistake was all it took.

Kiera's first mission ended with the death of her father, the captain of the Karasa before her, who died to preserve her life. The failure haunts her. Each day she steps onto the bridge of her own ship is a reminder to never let her guard down even while she doesn't have the luxury of wallowing in the mistakes of her past.

Earth, the Cradle of Mankind, and humanity's days on it are numbered.


A rogue black hole, a threat unlike anything anyone had ever seen, bears down on the solar system. Already, the mass has thrown off orbits and started to pull in the sun, and it slowly pulls in Earth with it.

Kiera's mission is to find a new home for Earth and to send back Ark ships. But there are those who deny that the threat exists and that the fool's mission should be defunded and dismantled - the loudest of those voices is the cult leader known as Jaxon.

As time ticks down and the Earth goes from rapid warming to rapid cooling in the span of years, and Jaxon's rhetoric grows more dangerous, Kiera finds herself having to add her voice to lead humanity towards a new hope just to save what few she can.


Humanity depends on it.

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