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When not writing for others as a freelance writer for hire, Kristan Cannon also writes novels and short fiction as K.M. Cannon and has authored four books with her latest, Whispers on the Wind, due for publication in early 2021.

The Rangers of Walden Book Series

Derek Moss returns in the highly anticipated fifth book of the award winning Rangers of Walden book series.

On the heels of success comes even bigger problems for the Rangers, but this time Gina Egivand finds herself as the new Master Ranger while Derek remains close to the Manor, mired in the politics of the swiftly growing nation he helped re-build.

It is almost time to crown a new king, and Nathan finally seems up to the task even if Derek isn't sure that he is ready himself to take on his own, and old, role in the Council himself.

But old roles mean old enemies, and things aren't quite as settled as they appear from the West.

Aidan, Gina, and Derek have new allies...

... But they also have new enemies.

Previous Books In This Series

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