Five Authors (Alive or Dead) That I'd Like to Meet

This is a post that's close to my heart. Authors read. It's what we do or we'd never come up with anything of our own so of course we have our favourites. These are mine - the author's I would love to meet and who influenced my writing.

1) Elizabeth Moon. I mentioned her last week when I gushed all about her novel from way back in 1993, Hunting Party. That doesn't change the fact that she is at the top of my list of authors I really would love to meet someday.

Not only is she a fantastic science fiction author, but she is one of those women writers who broke the wall of sci-fi and was still succesful with an obviously feminine name. I shouldn't have to tell you why this is so rare.

In fact, I wish I didn't have to tell you that this is extremely rare, but it is.

Ignoring that, we are talking about someone who has won a Nebula, a Hugo, and numerous other awards. She is everything I want to be in a writer and, perhaps one day, I'll be like her.

2) Margeret Atwood. I seriously doubt any list would be complete without this powerhouse

author sitting on it. Atwood is the Canadian Speculative Fiction Queen, and... despite this... remains one of the most decent human beings that people meet. Always gracious, polite, and warm. Her writing is interesting but thought provoking. Atwood is another one of those writers who refuse to be held to conventions and will write anything she damn well pleases.

Atwood also writes about the end of the world, most notably in The Handmaid's Tale which is now a TV Series on Hulu. Actually, now that I think about it, she writes about numerous things in numerous genres. She's a poet, a novelist, a writer... wild card.

Of course I'd want to meet her.

3) Tom Clancy.

Unfortunately, this one I can't meet. This falls under the "living or dead" part where this author has unfortunately passed. In the 90's, I couldn't get enough of his books. I was on a military fiction and science fiction kick in those days and he was the top novelist of the former genre. Even after his passing, his legacy continues to give us video games set in the world he opened for us.

Ironically, he wasn't even in the military himself.


He was a life insurance agent.

But he managed to gain enough respect through hard work and research that what he wrote about the military was often as close to realistic as you could get in fiction.

4) Anne McCaffrey.

Another one that I will never be able to actually meet, but her novels also shaped my own writing.

5) William Shakespeare.

Oh, come on, does this one really need explanation? This is the grandfather of storytelling and our modern English. Everyone who has been published or will be published owes something to this writer.

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