The Top Five Things on my Bucket List

1) Sail single handed on a larger boat than a laser.

I've sailed on bigger boats, but never single handed (aka: by myself). It's possible, even on a larger boat, but it's not easy. For me, this would be the ultimate proof of not only my ability to sail but independence.

2) Go to a banquet hosted by Geisha.

I mean the artists, and the musicians. I want to be steeped in the culture and forget that the modern world exists for awhile. I would like to be in the quiet of a garden while the young ones practice and the older ones teach.

3) Hike the entire Killarney Park trail.

There is this trail that takes days, perhaps even weeks, to complete on foot in the backcountry of Killarney Provincial Park, just to the south of Sudbury, Ontario. I would like to take my portable painting set, and a good tent and a few things to allow for comfort, and camp in that backcountry and just paint. Just take in the fresh air, and the trees.

4) Live in Italy, just off the Riviera.

There was a rumour of a town that was paying for people to move there. Even if it's just a rumour, I would like to move to Europe and rent a flat in an old town and take in the culture and the history. I can't help but wonder what I could create with a fresh start in a new place, especially that kind of a place.

5) Experience the singing 'dock' in Turkey.

There is this man made cement dock/breakwater in Turkey that when the waves hit it it sounds like it's singing. It was engineered to do that... and I'd like to hear it.

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