Walking the Walk.

Well, as you can probably see from the cover image, I did that walk on Sunday and it was fantastic. While the point of it was to finish something as quickly as humanly possible, I couldn't stop to take any pictures of the trail, but at a later date I will have to explore Rotary Park a bit better.

I didn't break any land speed records and was probably lapped a few times over, but I finished the 5k in just under 40 minutes.

That's actually not bad and meant that I wasn't dead last.

Not too far from being last, mind you, but for someone who has been sedentary way too long that was pretty good.

I also, thanks you fantastic people, managed to raise $30 for the Northern Cancer Foundation's "Angels in Pink" fund.

On to the next one... and maybe I just might sign up as a runner rather than a walker.

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