What comes after The Rangers of Walden Series?

Karasa - Novel Cover
Karasa - A Novel. It still has the old byline from when the Rangers of Walden Series was named the Kingdom of Walden series. When the book comes out, that will be corrected.

As you all know, eventually the Rangers of Walden series will have to come to an end. I plan for this to happen with the sixth book, Red Sails, which should come out in the next year or so. While there will still be a few tie-ins, and perhaps even a TV Series (depending on how talks with a few producers and directors goes--this is by no means set in stone yet), Red Sails will be the last primary novel in the series.

So what does come after The Rangers of Walden?

Well, some fans have been waiting nearly twenty years for me to finish Karasa, which is an urban fantasy novel I have been working on... for... well... forever.

Actually, to tell the truth, Karasa was the novel I was shopping around to various publishers and had been accepted for publication when the whole mix-up occurred and... whoops... we were introduced to Derek Moss instead.

Which, yes, does mean that this one is finished and ready for revisions.

It has been for years.


But due to the size of it (a whopping 800 or so pages in hardcover), we felt that the happy accident of Ashes in Winter being my debut novel instead of this one was actually the better bet. I know I've said this before but now it is more official with me finally starting the rewrites to hopefully hone it down a few dozen pages or more.

I hope.

Knowing my luck, it will probably explode to something around 1000 pages because my first drafts always seem to have a whole lot of telling and not a whole lot of showing which means the plans to break it up into smaller books is far more likely.

And that's why we edit things, my dear readers. A lot. And rewrite even more.

So, what is this one about?

Karasa is (another) book series set in a different world. It's our world, but a little bit like Shadowrun and a little bit of Avengers. Magick isn't hidden like in Harry Potter (a trope I've always hated, really) but is in the open and known. It's not showy, but manifests with work. I like to think of it as closer to Dungeons and Dragons, but in a modern world and even somewhat futuristic world.

You see, we've managed to get off of Earth and start exploring the stars. Not far, but we've colonized the moon, and even Mars. Has magick helped? Perhaps, but not overtly.

But that's where things went a bit awry. For some reason, magick began to explode outward. Even thought we had some things we could do or some creatures we couldn't explain normally, the magick wasn't free and easy.

Until it was.

The earth shook, trembled, as something older than any of us woke, and with it creatures out of nightmare and legend walked.

Now, at the center of all this are a group of adventurers who, not quite by chance, find themselves having to deal with a graveyard where a necromancer has raised the dead only to discover that this desecration was a mere distraction in order to steal an artifact of great and ancient magickal importance...

... A chalice that always seems to be full of starlight.

One of the last real artifacts known for being truly elven.

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