Ashes in Winter - October Update

It's still delayed - I'll get that right out of the way. Between moving to the house and a new job I haven't been able to focus my attention on it as much as I would have liked to.

However, I think it's better to have it done right than fast. I think that's where we ran into the largest issues was when we had a time crunch and things had to be at the printer by a certain date or we'd miss the publishing window and... yeah. This time I don't care about the publishing window so much. I would rather put a book in your hands that is exactly the book I want it to be. It's the first book in the series as well, which means new readers will judge the entire series by it.

If you've been following my series on writing and how I outline, research, and plot a book then I think you know what I'm doing when I say this Ashes in Winter is a total remake. From the ground up. I used the old After Oil and even the previous version of Ashes in Winter as the very basic outline.

So, what happened?

I think I got into this in a previous blog post, but at the same time, perhaps I didn't. I can't seem to find a reference to it. Could have been in the group. I'm sure a helpful soul reading this will probably find that link.

Oh, wait, no found it...

It was in discussions with others at the publishing house about a course on plotting a book for absolute beginners using Ingermanson's The Snowflake Method as well as during the translating into a script for TV that we noticed some huge issues in the original version. For the course, we were using After Oil as part of the curriculum and... er... well, it readily became apparent where we went wrong.

I mean, they were massive.

Embarrassingly massive.

But that's what happens when you continue to write and learn the craft. Even a previously published book that did reasonably well could stand to be radically improved.

Which, considering I didn't like how things were presented and reasonably well could be better, I decided to completely remake the book... not that the publisher was complaining because we all would rather have something that fairly represents the best on us and feels more professional.

So, one part because the publisher was fairly adamant that it needed it and another to use the book as an example in my course, that's what I did.

Kristan, what course?

That's a post for another time.

We're Delayed

Given how much work is going into this, and has gone into the complete remake, we are delayed. Right now I am only around 50% through the rewrite of the first draft. That still means I've done quite a bit, but there's still so much that still needs to be done.

So, we're not going to make our deadline to release it this fall. I am hoping we can have it done by the end of December or before New Year's for the e-book and hardcover print release but I can't promise that.

Stay tuned.

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