Ashes in Winter: Update #2

I am truly excited and can't wait to release this to wild, especially as the edits filter in, and the press kit takes shape.

If you have not had a chance to check it out, go here and take a look. There is even a sneak peek in the form of the first five chapters (edits are still happening, so there is some room for changes)

I love the new cover and I love how this remake is turning out, but there is still so much to do before we can release it.

The one thing that you, as readers, will note is that yes, the storyline that was the old After Oil and even the old Ashes in Winter has split in two. We had some huge plot holes to plug and in filling in those holes I discovered that there was far more to the story that needed to be told.

Even on this one...

... We're sitting at a whopping 130,000 words compared to the original After Oil/Ashes in Winter being 100,000 words. From the look of it, it will likely be in the neighbourhood of 150,000 words which means the hardcover will go from being 400 pages to probably 500 to 600 pages and slightly smaller print. Not too small because I still want you to be able to read it.

The pace is far tighter and quicker with more action.

But, don't let me just tell you about it. Go check out the press kit and read the first five chapters for yourself.

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