Ashes in Winter Still Delayed

At this point, it appears the very soonest we will have it ready will be in the spring of 2021. Honestly, with the way things are shaping up, I think it will be released on the same weekend as it was released back in 2014. When was that? Way back during Anime North in 2014.

Back when it had a brown cover and was still called After Oil.

The major difference this time is that my writing and my knowledge of the craft of writing has come a very, very long way in those seven years. To leave it as it was would have been great injustice to that story.

So, that's why I went back and fixed it.

However, I've said that so many times now that I probably sound like a broken record.

The primary point is that it's still delayed.

However, I do have some interesting news but I'm not ready to completely reveal that.

But, I'm going to give you a teeny, tiny teaser in the cover of the audiobook that will also be coming out sometime after the print book and e-book does.

I am really excited about this because I get to work with a fantastic voice actor who admits he's new to narrating books but he was willing to give it a try.

I'm not going to say anything further than that, but I will hint and say that I've feature his work on this blog before and if you know where to look you could find who I mean.

But, hey, let's take a look at that audiobook cover:

Yep, sorry, you're going to have to wait for a bit before I reveal everything.

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