Holy Moly, Another Month Already?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Last month I reported that I fell off the wagon when it came to food, but not in being up and moving around. This month, I'm glad to say that I'm back on track. Even when I go out to eat (at even the fast food places) I'm making the smarter choices.

For example, when the rest of my family is ordering at McDonald's, instead of a double Big Mac with fries and a coke, I'm ordering (while still eating a burger... I mean, c'mon...) only a single Big Mac, with a side garden salad with the balsamic vinegar dressing and either a Coke Zero or a low calorie iced coffee which cuts the calories, the fat, and the cholesterol in half. I'm actually surprised to note that I can't really tell the difference between Coke Zero and normal Coke, especially with ice and out of the fountain so now I don't even see the point of regular Coke. It's still pop, but at least it's not hitting my system with a ten ton hammer full of sugar.

That's a huge difference in calories on cheat day when I steal a few fries off someone else but only a few... not a whole carton of small fries to myself.

I am walking 10,000 steps every single day, and the walk is getting quicker to complete.

My new day job is also very physical, so I'm getting in a solid workout just by showing up to work. I hardly need to do the HIIT workout because I do a HIIT everyday at work.

I'm stronger, and able to climb up and down ladders plus get up and get down. I have to lift and carry items that are easily 50lbs and sometimes even lift them above my head on a regular basis.

I have dropped a full pant size from size 26/28 to size 24 in any clothing store and this month's weigh in has me at 287 lbs. I haven't lost a whole lot in "weight" but I have lost fat and gained back a bit of muscle, which is why the weight isn't dropping quite the same way. I'm also drinking at least eight full glasses of water, so I'm not dehydrated anymore either.

I feel a heck of a lot better in comparison to May, when we started this.

Time to continue this momentum.

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