The Elder Scrolls - Summerset

The newest chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online is set somewhere we haven't quite been before, although... if you've played the game as a high elf or in that faction, the beginning area isn't that much different from Summerset so this island isn't that different from Auridon. I know, I know, not a very auspicious start. Sounds like I'm going to say that the newest chapter isn't that new after all. In that, you'd be both right... and wrong. As awesome as the Elder Scrolls Online is (and the entire franchise in general), it's still just an expansion of a bigger game. They wouldn't be able to make too much of a departure without utterly warping the very nature of their game or the story within it. This is where they succeeded - they added to the game by adding a fresh plot twist. I won't spoil it, much as I didn't like this particular plot twist, but I have to admit it was a fresh and new take on things. I also will point out the whole Slaad thing rushed and didn't lead to an end that was... well... an end. I found myself questioning what happened until I replayed it a second time and realized, all too quickly, the end had come to that story arc to lead to the next with barely enough time to blink my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this through and the additions brought into this expansion were fun. Were they worth the money paid for it? Maybe. Will I continue playing? Likely. I've always liked ESO, and this addition is no different. I'm just saying it fell a little bit flat but I will admit (again, no spoilers) that it may have been that once the plot twist close to the end showed itself, the disappointment was very, very real. I had built myself to the point where I was expecting one thing and got another, but that's something I'll have work through. However, what I did get was a new island of amazing architecture. And the return of Barbas. And that wasn't so bad after all.

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