Catching Up: Pandemic Fitness Trials and Tribulations

Another month is gone and it's time to check-in. Yes, I'm totally using you, my readers, as my personal accountability coaches.

I'm not doing too half bad here. I've started walking every morning which helps kick my metabolism into high gear and fill my lungs with fresh air. It's also a great way to clear my head. Since I've carved out an entire hour in the morning for a walk that usually only takes me thirty to forty minutes to complete, I'm taking a break midway. I stop and sit on a park bench and do some sketching and watercolour painting with no expectations, or even work on my list of to-do's for the day.

My focus has been far better since starting that one thing in the morning.

I get my daily dose of fitness in, some music, a breather from the social grind and when I get back to my home office I can hit the mental grind running and refreshed.

Since the last check-in where we learned I gained all of my pre-"change my life" fitness plan weight back since the pandemic started I have lost ten pounds again.

Not bad... and I refuse to think about where I'd be if I'd kept losing in the first place.

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