Kristan's Really Stupidly Late Review of Dragon Age: InQuisition.

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Artwork courtesy of BioWare and EA Games.

Okay, I admit I have waited four years, making me really behind in reviewing this game. The game came out in 2014, and here we are in 2018 and I've only just managed to play through the game and review it.

Without spoiling the story and ruining it, just in case you want to play through it, my personal recommendation is to skip playing this game. Instead, head over to Youtube and watch the numerous videos made by other players who have fought through the numerous glitches, outright technical failures and crashes to make their videos and experience the incredible story and art that way.

Trust me, it will save you hours and hours of frustration as your computer struggles to keep up with the overly bloated code.

Where They Got It Right

If you decide to play the game, prepare yourself for one of the most incredible games you'll ever play when it comes to strategy, story line and... oh my God... did I mention the incredible visual spectacle your eyes will be treated to, even in a game that is now four years old. The sheer amount of side quests and Easter eggs will keep you busy. Even if you don't do any of the side quests, you are in for a game that gives you hours of play time as you work your way through the story line.

The game is truly fantastic. It made even those moments when my new computer stuttered like a skipping record or CD to suddenly straighten out again worth the frustration.

The story is well crafted, and builds on both of the previous games. If you've read the books, or any of the material outside of the three primary Dragon Age games, it even threw in references and made everything click together seamlessly.

The artwork and in game graphics were incredible and beautiful.

But the glitches, and even crashes, renders the game unplayable.

Where The Game Fell Drastically Short

The problem with Dragon Age: Inquisition is that the game always seems to require more resources on a computer that it really shouldn't need. On my brand new computer, which I bought right after playing the game on my old Sony Vaio, the game failed to perform any better on a new machine with vastly upgraded hardware than it did on a seven year old laptop.

Think about this for a second.

Every single other game I played before on the Sony on minimum or reduced graphics, I could now play on maximum except for some of the really new games coming out now.

Dragon Age: Inquisition failed to improve. I was still forced to run on the same settings, even after using their recommended settings for my machine, just to play the game. I still had the same "stutters" like my machine was struggling with a four year old game.

That shouldn't happen.

The next problem cropped up when I loaded into Trespasser for the first time.

A brand new computer, on a game that is mostly offline, lagged to the point of crashing to the desktop.

Okay, no problem. Every issue has a fix. Surely this was no different.


Not only was I having this issue, so were numerous other players. It's so bad that EA eventually had to create a workaround involving disabling a skill on one of the warrior characters (the infamous Blackwall "Lunge and Slash" lag death issue). However, and I wasn't the only player with this issue is that there were still numerous players who noticed this didn't help solve the issue.

The game would lag, crash. It would lag and crash outside of combat -- and the pattern would emerge that it would lag approximately 20-30 minutes into the gameplay, and then crash seconds later.

Blip. No more game. As if I never started it in the first place.

EA community members link to a troubleshooting page, but where an answer should have been (as numerous forum posts indicate that whatever was there helped) the page now leads to content that has either been moved or removed.

So, the game now sits... unplayable. I haven't even finished Trespasser and numerous attempts to search on Google for answers just leads back to the blank content that no longer exists.

The real problem here is that Dragon Age: Inquisition, and its expansion Trespasser, are both paid for. They aren't free.

That means there are numerous players out real cash with a game that isn't even playable anymore.

I reached out to EA/Origin seeking a solution to the issue, and pointing out the problem I'm having with game (and asking for support) as well as the blank content in their knowledge base. I haven't received an answer yet but I will keep you updated if and when that happens.

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