Fallout 76

*Insert wordless screaming here*

No, no... seriously.

I am beside myself in anticipation. I am so over the endless stream of fantasy and near fantasy MMO's that one that has both some sort of leveling mechanic and modern items in it, even if it is a post-nuclear apocalypse that I'm thrilled that this is finally a reality.

I mean, we all heard the rumours and heard about a possible project but we also all heard about how it was cancelled.

If this game is anything like Elder Scrolls Online, and why wouldn't it be? Since the beginning the play style and leveling were almost identical between Skyrim, Oblivion, and the two later Fallouts on PC and console... there were differences, sure, but they were similar enough that you could play through one and then play through another one with eyes closed and a hand tied behind your back. Logically, this would be similar to ESO.

From the early screenshots of those players lucky enough to play it in beta, it certainly looks like it will be, only all of the lessons learned from making previous games has made a bigger game. The graphics look like they created a beautiful game to play too.

All I know is that my computer is ready and waiting.

It's time to return to the wasteland.

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