That Monthly Fitness Check-In

Is it that time again already? I guess so. So, fitness-wise winter has been very interesting in Sudbury. We've had periods of lots of snow... and I mean LOTS of snow following by the freezing cold and then a few days of false spring where everything melted... and back to the freezer and loads of snow again.

Trying to work around that has been a nightmare.

I love my house, but the one thing about being on a busier street in Sudbury is that the snowplows go by and the ridges are even harder than on a less busy street because the slush freezes rock hard. There is way more ice.

And then you have the added challenge of not having anywhere to put it.

I love my backyard, and shoveling it is proving to be the same challenge I mentioned.

I did mention there are cement stairs and a tiny space to move around while you have a shovel in hand, right?


So, to get to the backyard means shoveling a walkway between the brick wall of the house and the cement retaining wall. Once you have this gap shoveled out, you then get to shovel up three stairs to the deck and pergola. It's easier because here you finally have more space to move around, but at the same time still lots of work because now you're hitting where the snow is deepest and you're going uphill with a few more steps to shovel and clear off.

Sand, so no one slips on them because cement steps really have no mercy in a slip and fall.

Once that's done, I'm usually a sweaty, shaky mess of a person needing a shower and a rest before going back out to do whatever it was I wanted to do in the first place.

Oh right, exercise...

... right. Exercise...

So, my pants are falling off, even with the added layer for warmth and I think I'm gaining muscle.

I haven't weighed myself because we haven't found the scale from the move yet.

And that's my check in.

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