A Sticky Baking Adventure

So, I decided to try to make fondant this week and was reminded of two things. The first thing is that the great thing about making a mistake when baking is that even if the result isn't much to look at, it still tastes the same as something that did.

Unless you've really mucked it up.

Generally, though, the outcome is at least edible.

I have made fondant at least a dozen times and it turn out just fine or better than just fine. This time, though, it was a flop. An edible flop, but still a flop. It's not supposed to be sticky but this time it was and I have no idea what I did differently.

Will this be the last time I make fondant?


It's kind of like art. You can't not experiment and try stuff out with art. You have to expect to fail in order to make something absolutely incredible. If you want to make art you have to at least try. Throw paint at a canvas and see what sticks and how the different paints react with each other. Take notes on what worked and what didn't for next time.

Just do it, as the saying goes.

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