Guest Post: More of Our Favourite Reads

Last week it was all about Canadian Lit. This week it's all about the Indie Reads.

Being a (much) smaller Canadian publisher, our favourite reads do skew to the Canadian indies. But we also happen to love quite a bit of what's out there indie wise from around the world.

What's on our shelves (or e-readers):

Chronicles of Lorrek by Kelly Blanchard

Starts off with Someday I'll Be Redeemed and kicks off the series from there.

The Grave Series by R.R. Virdi

If anyone deserves a spot on "Indies that need to be read right now", Virdi is one of them. With a Dragon nomination to his name and Jim Butcher giving his writing five stars... and Virdi being self-published to boot... If you don't have this book on your shelf as "Indies who should be read", then you've missed the boat.

We could go on here but I think it's best if we left this up to you. What books have you read, discovered were indie or self-published, and were blown away by how great it was?

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