Guest Post: Our Favourite Reads

Now that the lockdown has officially started, we're all stuck inside and this is what we're reading.

Thank you Kristan for continuing to let us post on your behalf. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

As a publisher, we're always reading, whether for fun or for business. We just love books - and, honestly, if we didn't love books we wouldn't be a publisher to begin with.

Ironically, though, this year has seen more than just Kristan heading back to college as half the board has decided it was time to update and get new certifications. So, many of us are also hitting the textbooks rather than reading for fun.

However, it doesn't mean we have favourites sitting on our shelf waiting for us to dive into them.

Our Picks

Canadian Literature

Never Forget by Martin Michaud.

This is a Victor Lessard series novel, which is a very popular Montreal set crime thriller in Quebec and across Canada. It's also a TV series on CBC, and the author has kept the books going too.

Agency by William Gibson

Gibson wrote the hit Neuromancer back in 1984, and with Agency he has another science fiction thriller set in an alternate 'now' where Hillary Clinton won the election, but another something has killed 80% of the population in Europe.

Stormsong by C.L. Polk

Polk is a fantasy writer based in Calgary, and her new novel is a sequel to the novel Witchmark, which is also an excellent read.

The Subtweet by Vivek Shraya

An interesting take on the influence of social media and how transformative works can influence art in both directions.

Canadian Non-Fiction

Cry Wolf by Harold R. Johnson

An in depth look at the relationship between humans encroaching into nature, in specific how wolves and humans interact by looking at a specific case between a wolf and human encounter in Saskatchewan.

The Skin We're In by Desmond Cole

A real wake-up call for those who mistakenly assume that Canada doesn't have a racism problem.

Disfigured by Amanda Leduc

Leduc takes a look at how we're too obsessed with perfect looking characters, even in fiction, and the less than perfect are often left aside or, worse, as villains.

Big by Various Authors (edited by Christina Myers)

Another book on body image often being in the negative if outside the 'norm', only this time it shines a light on female, and male, bodies that are bigger than the norm and how we treat those people with stories and essays from those directly affected.

These were all published by major publishing houses, but in another post we'll take a look at books published by indies and why they should get their chance to shine as well.

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