His Name was George Floyd.

What happened to George Floyd was murder.

Throw the damn book at those who dishonoured their badge and forgot (or never bothered to learn) that their job is to protect and serve.

They are supposed to arrest murderers.

Not commit the murder.

But yet I know, not because I have personally experienced it because I sit with a position of privilege whereas another human being does not simply because of the colour of their skin, that the police are not safe to them like they are me.

And this is wrong.

No one should have to live in fear.

No one.

Let the bells ring. Drown the racists in noise until every single person breathing realizes that it's no longer okay, and it should never have been. Do what the family of George Floyd asks - and pray and keep them in your thoughts.

Never forget the man's name.

Never forget the names of the others.

His name was George Floyd.

Keep in right there in front of you. Do not let it become "old news". The minute we let this slip and go back and be tranquilized into complacency means not a damn thing will change.

We can do better.

We must.

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