Lockdown Blues

I have a balcony, but I'm no Juliet.

Now that I'm starting to feel better and more myself, I am really starting to feel the pressure from being told to remain inside at all times and to avoid going out. Not that there is anywhere to go with everything being closed.

The problem is, now that I feel better, is I also feel the encroaching cabin fever especially since I'm in between jobs and have no idea what to do with myself. No, I'm not looking for work. I already have a job to go to, but the time between the start date of the new and the leaving date of the previous is a little longer than planned.

I find myself taking a few really short-term contracts to fill in the time but these same four walls are almost closing in on me.

I imagine it's the same for everyone.

I wish I had a magic talisman that would fix this, but I am like everyone else.

Hang in in there, everyone, we'll get through this.

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