Meredith en Thielles for CSM15

For my readers unfamiliar with EVE Online:

As many of you know, I happen to love EVE Online. It's the first video game I will sit down (or stand up - laptops can move around easily like that) to play and usually the last one I at least check on. I have the app on my phone for checking my in-game mails and keep tabs on the corp and alliance I am part of.

Around a year ago, I even freely volunteered the information that I was, indeed, the person behind the character, Meredith en Thielles (Lippstadt Creed | Solyaris Chtonium).

Last year I even went to Toronto and volunteered at EVENorth, and donated one of my paintings to their charity auction to support Sick Kids.

I'm that into it.

This year, I would like to take my involvement with the EVE community a step further and I'm running for election to join the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), which is an EVE Online player council with direct access to the "devs" at CCP. It does mean a bit more work on my part to stay on the council even after elected.

For the players from EVE Online who have found this page:

You're here for my platform and why I would make a great match for CSM.

I won't repeat another blog post from my in-character blog (which can be found here), but I will repeat one critical part of it.

I may not be the greatest PVPer. I only PVP when I’m in a fleet and I’m terrible at it, to be honest. I perhaps should have been a pacifist, but I live in null-sec and that makes that idea rather impossible. However, I tend to prefer to stick with role-playing, writing a blog as the character Meredith en Thielles, and nitpicking the lore and trying to just be helpful to others.

But what I am is a listening ear and communicator – and a researcher.

In real life, I am a freelance writer. I make my living researching, double-checking leads, and communicating with intent to publish and further communicate to the public.

Who better to be on CSM who can bring that experience and those skills to the table?

I have no issue with putting my real face behind the character and the CSM. I bring that level of transparency while being able to honour an NDA. NDA's are the bread and butter behind freelance writing and publishing contracts. If I can honour those and still be transparent, a listening ear, and a skillful communicator that makes me a fantastic match for CSM.

Let's get me on CSM and bring a new level to EVE.

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