My Earliest Memory

Talk about going as far back as you can. I don't think there's a way back machine strong enough. Sure, I'm not old but when we're talking the first thing I can remember... that's a tough one.

Memory is funny that way.

I think, and I stress I think because I'm not 100% sure, that the first thing I can remember is sitting next to my grandfather in a fire truck in Matachewan when I was really little. It was during the Canada Day parade, and in that tiny town in the middle of Northern Ontario, July 1st was the biggest holiday. For the time, their fireworks were even better than bigger centers and we did get tourists for it.

But, although I can remember fireworks they came later.

My grandfather was the fire chief - volunteer, as they all were - and their largest truck was always shown off during the parade. I remember running beside it until Jack, one of my grandfather's friends and neighbours (and another volunteer firefighter), picked me up and put me on his shoulders until he caught back up with the truck and lifted me into the front of the cab to sit beside my grandfather.

For a little girl who was perhaps only three or four at the time, this was massive. I think that's why I can remember it when I can't remember much else from that time.

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