New Year's Reflections for 2021

I'm not the type to make New Year's resolutions. Statistically speaking, resolutions don't stick past February. I do, however, reflect on the previous year and make goals for the following year based on how far I've come so far.

And that's the key thing, really.

Granted, 2020 has been a very interesting and unique year.

It's had its ups and downs.

Unfortunately, collectively, more downs than ups but it wasn't all doom and gloom.

My goals and the such are kind of private, but I will give you a glimpse of some of the more professional ones.

In 2020, I've had a reasonably good year.

I decided to strike out on my own as a freelancer full time instead of doing it on the weekends or spare money and I honed what services I offer and how I offer them. I improved working processes and how to get more clients.

I decided to be gentler with myself in knowing that I am good enough to do it, and also became more pragmatic and able to check my own work.

I'm still working on things but, honestly, the minute you stop learning new things is the minute you're six feet under.

And that's something I intend to continue - I will continue to learn new things. Push myself further. Be a little kinder to both me and others.

What goals do you have?

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