Plans Don't Always Have to Come Together (Life Isn't the A-Team)

... And Kristan has yet another 80's/90's pop culture reference. I'm really showing my age today.

Well, my plan to walk my way to a half marathon isn't going quite as well as planned. I ended up with a really painful heel spur that I'm finally just now able to walk around on even though it still hurts.

Since I weigh a bit too much for really long walks the suggestion is for me to go swimming at the university pool (it's almost in walking distance from where I live... actually, it kind of is in walking distance. Maybe only 10 min.) instead of doing my daily walk. Instead, the doctor's suggestion is to swim laps and burn off some weight until the weight isn't stressing my feet, ankles, or knees. Once I'm under 240-ish (ie: lose 50 lbs), start adding the distance walking again.

So, modified workout is now (**once my foot is better, until then I'm doing "sitting HIIT"):

Everyday: Stretches/Yoga (*sitting and physio stuff until foot recovers enough to actually walk on)

Sundays: modified HIIT.

Mondays: Swimming in the evening

Tuesdays: modified HIIT

Wednesday: Swimming

Thursdays: modified HIIT

Fridays: Swimming

Saturday: Rest day

I can add short walks from the end of street and back, which, where I live, is only twenty minutes. I can also walk to the pool and then home because those are also short walks.

This weeks weigh in has me at 292.5 lbs (last week it was 294.6). It's not a big loss, but it's not going any higher than that so the weight is moving in the right direction now. Despite the slightly better than only 2lbs lost (despite not being able to walk) things feel slightly looser around my middle and I'm sleeping better.

Funny how plans can blow up in your face but still work out.

Kind of like writing.

Actually, there are a few parallels here. How is weight loss and trying to lead a better life like writing? Well, both require work and time. Novels and even short stories are not created overnight.

It takes patience and constant work.

There's not only the planning, and then writing to think about. That can take enough time on its own but planning a novel or even saying you're going to write one is like me saying that one of these days I'd like to drop a few pounds and not actually doing it.

When it comes to writing it, now you've bought the gym membership.

Or maybe I'm thinking too much into it because my now sugar deprived brain (did I mention I have a massive sweet tooth? I swear it's the size of the GTA...) is demanding its daily dose of either milk chocolate or white chocolate, and I'm only allowing it an ounce of dark chocolate instead. Not that I don't indulge every so often, but when you're used to doing what you want a lifestyle change is... er... a lot like trying to write a bit everyday when you're not used to it.

And there I go again, comparing everything to writing.

I think I'm going to go treat myself to a piece of cake. I haven't had cake since last week.

(Mhmmm, cake...)

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