Snow, Snow... and... Oh, Wait, More Snow!

It's another check-in and I have to be honest in that I haven't done that much. My weight is pretty much sticking at the 272lb range, although my pants are very loose even after throwing them through the dryer and wash to shrink them up a bit.

I haven't been up to moving around as much as I have been fighting a cold (it's not COVID19 - I've had that test a few times over now) which has thankfully not turned into pneumonia (small miracle there as right around this time of year it would be in my lungs and me on the flat of my back)

My ankle has also been killing me. Don't worry--before you ask, no, I did not injure myself. Well, not recently. This is from an ages old injury from when I was a kid that is now reminding me, "Hey, Kristan! You're old!" in the form of arthritis.

I have taken up yoga and stretching because my flexibility needs work and it helps keep me moving.

So, how do we feel about that polar vortex?

Yep, we got hit in Canada. However, my house is cozy with an actual fireplace so I go from yoga in front of it to enjoying a hot chocolate or apple cider in a comfy chair while my cat looks on.

But, I'm rambling.

My fitness check-in is little more than this, though. I haven't felt up to really moving around between my cold and the cold outside.

I have been going out for walks around the block, though. There are a few parks near here and my neighbour doesn't mind me cutting through her driveway to avoid walking on the street (Elm is a bit too busy and the sidewalk on my part of Elm is on the other side of it... not on my side of it at all) to get to the side street to head to Spruce St... and from there I walk over to a park on Eyre or someplace else nearby, or, as I said, around a block starting from that point.

I never did get those snowshoes or the skis, so haven't done either.

However, in between, I have been writing.

On that...

I have decided to move into freelancing and add social media management to my portfolio. There were a few reasons for that decision to finally give up my actual employment in favour of self-employment, and they call come down to the same thing as others have who made the same jump.

Yes, there's a risk.

However, it's our risk to take. Our business to run. Our freedom.

Also, in other news, I have been working on a new painting and the edits of Ashes in Winter are progressing. I've updated the Press Kit with the new edits. Be warned - we're not done yet but we're a whole lot closer too.

If you're interested in my services, please drop me an email here. I'm even offering 50% off on any week you write a testimonial on Alignable or Linkedin, and allow me to use it here on my website.

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