Actually, Yes, I am Meredith en Thielles.

A computer generated image of a dark haired woman with glasses, created using the character creator in EVE Online.
Hi, guys, do you believe me now?

We all know how much I love science fiction and video games, and how much I love when hard science fiction and a reasonable (even if not perfect and plenty of room for improvement) representation of space life lands in my lap without requiring a super powerful 'gaming' computer.

Which, for the past five years, EVE Online has been for me.

And still is, honestly.

Sure, this alt isn't well known for PvP (I kind of hide from it, really, but on another alt I was more active) but it's hard to be really active in something that requires a steady internet connection (which I don't have) and a better computer than a laptop more meant for work and writing than gaming.

I may be published, but I'm not rich. A gaming laptop would set me back more in moolah than I'm comfortable with spending at this point.

But that's the great part about EVE. I don't have to being right heavily into the PvP combat so long as I can keep my wits about me and react fast enough to at least get safe before I'm stopped by a tackler and if I'm not being lagged to death during a really large fleet fight I can get a few good shots in to help kill a neut in our space.

I know there are other games out there (Elite Dangerous, Star Wars, even Star Trek) that are also in space, but either I can't play it on my computer (Elite Dangerous) because the requirements are too high, or the world is a bit more fantasy than hard sci (Star Wars), and then I just can't get into it (Star Trek). EVE, even if you can't walk around but are stuck looking at your ship while your pretty character you created is no more than something you see as an identification picture, has more of what I like. It's more player controlled (the GM's are actually quite hands off) and more about what you can do as a player than being led by the nose by a story line that everyone shares... and having no choice but to follow it in order to get access to final tier dungeons or raids. In EVE, you don't even have to complete any of the beginning missions. You can reject, or adopt, as much as you feel like adopting as a background or how far you delve into the lore.

If you even choose to do that.

I did, which is why I'm more addicted to the game. It's one of my 'fandoms' that I absolutely adore and I own all of the books I could lay my hands on just to feed that lore addiction.

Naturally, my alter ego in EVE, Meredith en Thielles, even has her own blog and background. I may even be convinced to create a fan series of my own if I can pull together enough people as actors and film crew. I'm more a live action person, though, so actors/film crew will have to be local to Sudbury, Ontario or willing to travel if I end up doing it.

And, if you end up in New Eden, open up a chat window and say hi.

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