Still Plugging Away

It's been around a year since I started working on bettering myself fitness wise. I have come a long way. I'm still not under 200lbs (let alone 250lbs, which I had hoped I would drop below before now) but the progress is definitely there.

From being full time in a computer chair...

Weight: Started at 310lbs, and I am now 268lbs. Lost 42lbs.

Walking: Started at 0 to 250 steps a day (I did say the computer chair was practically attached to my butt) but now walking at least 10,000 steps per day. Yes, per day. I would say what the percentage increase is there, but I'm pretty sure it's dramatic. Now, if only my book sales would follow...

Running: I am not running yet. That would kill my ankles with me still over 250lbs. I am, however, "walking with great intent", which is a shade below speed walking. HIIT: I am doing unmodified HIIT exercises as my flexibility and ability to jump up from the ground and get back down again has improved to the point where I can do these now.

Pant size: Went from not being able to wear jeans and hunting for the 4x to 5x sizes in stretchy pants to being able to wear jeans with actual size numbers to losing enough for those jeans to fall off my hips. I have lost enough to fit back into a size 22 jean, sometimes as much as 24 but usually now size 22.

My shirt size hasn't changed. The weight is dropping off my hips, belly, and butt more than up top but things are starting to hang off me.

... But how close to a Marathon?

I am still a long, long way from running an actual marathon or even considering myself as physically fit but I am fitter than I was when I started this.

Health wise, I don't feel any different even if we have discovered that half the problem was the gluten intolerance and the fact that my diet was mostly pasta. Between the two, I was not feeling very well at all and the weight gain was partly due to my body bloating and my insides not being very happy at all.

I did try the Keto diet. Couldn't really stick to it, but I have added much of the principles to my regular diet (ie: More veggies and more protein vs. carbs) but I still eat carbs at least once a day because the body does need something for carbs. I did, however, cut sugar almost entirely out of my diet and that has made a huge difference.

I'll check in again on how I'm doing in around a month.

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