The Journey Continues (AKA: Kristan's Battle to Lose Weight)

Let me start this month's weigh-in with a number: 268 lbs (121 kg).

Last month: 287 lbs

Total weight dropped since last check in is 19 lbs.

I still have quite a bit of work to do to meet my healthy target weight, or even my milestone weight, but things are now finally and seriously moving in the right direction.

My diet is finally settling into a healthier pattern and my daily workout extends from my day to day work to even on my days off, except when sick and even then I manage a bit of yoga.

This month, despite the more dramatic change on the scale, had a bit of a setback as the cold I thought I had actually ended up being the flu and I'm still really sick like I posted last week so I also apologize if this week's post is a bit short.

So, just a quick check in, and update, and now I'm back into bed to get rid of this bug so I can get back to writing and creating, and work in general.

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