The Rangers of Walden Re-Launch

Updated: Feb 22

As you are aware, my books have been off shelves for a few months and I promised that once I had news I would share that news right away.

Well, I have news.

The entire series was taken down, at my request, in order to remake and overhaul them from the ground up. I noticed there were a few issues that I won't get into, but if you knew about them then you knew why it had to be done.

I would like to say that if you read my books and went, "Whoa, what the?" before, you had every right to. I had the same reaction when I read them earlier this year and that's all I have to say on the matter.

Revised and Redone from the Ground Up

It also gave me a chance to read over what some of the more critical reviewers - the ones with valid points - had to say, take notes, and go back and look at what they had noticed that perhaps I didn't and a few others didn't before we hit "publish". The truly fantastic thing to come from this is that each and every plotline now has a beginning, a middle, and a definite ending in each book... unless it's there to be a cliffhanger to lead to the next. But, you all know how I feel about cliffhangers and how I like each of my books to be able to stand on their own without needing the surrounding book to make sense.

This hasn't changed.

If anything, it's more true now than it was originally.

Also, you're getting another book at the beginning of the series, and I promise you it will be as or more exciting a read than the first and second (now third) books were.

The Reading Order... Renewed!

So, without further beating around the bush here, let me tell you what the new reading order is. Or, should I say, the renewed reading order?

  1. Ashes in Winter

  2. A Season of Wolves

  3. The Last Iron Horse

  4. Between Silence and Fire

  5. Ghostwalker

  6. Whispers on the Wind

  7. Red Sails

You have indeed read that correctly.

The first book, formerly called After Oil before being retitled Ashes in Winter, has now been expanded and then split into two books. Ashes in Winter now only... ah... now, that would be spoilers, now wouldn't it? Remake or no, I still have a few surprises up my sleeve with the expansion and fine-tuning.

Not only are the insides completely new and redone, but there will be new covers... starting with this stunning revisioning of Ashes in Winter, which is a homage to the original cover for After Oil but hints far more at the action within.

It also means there are three new books to announce in the series since we're bringing the count from four published books to seven in a few years.

New Author Name

To keep my novels and my freelancing separated, and for a few other reasons, we decided to make a marketing decision and use initials and my surname instead. This also restarts everything with a complete and total rebranding. I'm truly excited. It's a fresh start that the series desperately needed.

If you'd like in the fun, keep an eye out on my FaceBook page for a live online event and even snag yourself some free stuff.

The new series launches with preorders for Ashes in Winter available Soon.

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