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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

If you follow fan series, fan movies, machinima or anything video gaming related at all, then when the name Ian Chisholm comes up you probably react with some sort of, "I know that name from somewhere... but where?"

Ask anyone who plays EVE Online (particularly for years) and the pause grows longer.

Ask someone in EVE about Clear Skies and the recognition suddenly slams into you like a ten ton hammer (or an old rusty Tempest battleship) and the conversation turns to the one liners that was the three part masterpiece using only voice acting by a bunch of friends, the assets from Half Life 2 for the internal "bits" (since you can't actually walk around in EVE) and assets from EVE itself for the space and ship to ship fighting.

Shortly afterward, the conversation will turn wistful with everyone wishing that there was more of it.

Well, I can't say there is more because there really isn't another Clear Skies after the third one, but two days ago, Ian Chisholm (yes, Captain John Rourke of the Clear Skies himself) released his fourth movie, Ticket Zer0.

Don't get too excited (or do, because it's awesome) because it's not another Clear Skies. Ticket Zer0 not even remotely related to EVE Online. It's its own self contained story, yes, again, using video game assets, motion capture, and some very familiar voice acting from some very familiar voice actors (the cast of Clear Skies, namely) to tell another story.

Only this one is completely original and not a fan film at all.

Ticket Zer0 is a suspenseful high tech horror story set in our regular modern life. A team of tech experts, bored to tears after their tech start-up nearly goes bankrupt, starts experiencing strange glitches. I won't spoil the rest, because every single detail from start to finish feeds the next until the very end. Chisholm is a talented scriptwriter and there isn't near enough of his work out there, so having a fourth film to add to the collection after years of not having anything else since Clear Skies 3 is a real treat.

Welcome back, Mr. Chisholm. We missed you.

(More please!) Please don't hunt me down in EVE Online for this article. Your killboard scares me.

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