Video Game Review: Sims 4 - Tiny Living

I'm reaching. I haven't found anything in 2020 so far that catches my attention enough to review or play.

Sometimes my own peculiar likes and dislikes with video games have come to bite me in the you-know-where, and so far this year it's definitely done that.

This is why I'm reviewing the newest expansion/stuff pack for The Sims 4, Tiny Living.

Okay, One of These Days I Will Have to Extend My Gaming Repertoire...

I actually, surprisingly, enjoyed this. I happen to love the Sims almost to the point of near obsession. I'm not exactly a fan of The Sims (I prefer The Sims 3, but this could make me jump over) and EA/Origin has repeatedly annoyed in the fact that every time you turn around with the Sims 4, an option you had in the base game in 3 now has to be bought separately.

There is a certain draw in being able to almost play God with an entire town full of individual Sims, not just a city full of Sims you can't control... but their lives itself.

My cousin says its Barbies for grown-ups, but I choose to ignore that.

As a writer, I love this game because I create a bunch of characters and throw them into the world and see how they develop. I also like architecture and had once planned to go into that, but, alas, that never happened. However, with the Sims, I get to live out that dream over and over and over again with as many houses as I want... and then see how people live in them.

And sometimes it's just wish fulfillment.

I digress.

...But today isn't that day.

Tiny Living gives people like me, who like to play with architecture and characters, and maps... it gives us the license to play in an aspect of the world we didn't get to before in a previous game and that happens to be building tiny homes.

The options are somewhat limited, but the added options in a game I'm already playing is great However, like all Sims games, I can still tweak how these pieces look to my heart's content which adds to the available options.

All in all, it's an okay addition to the game but it's not exactly enough to make me jump to The Sims 4.

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