Whispers on the Wind Update


It just occurred to me that I am easily six months past the date I promised that this book would be on shelves. The truth is I haven't quite finished the revisions of it yet. That means I'm still easily a year away from submitting it to the publisher, let alone seeing on shelves.

I promise I haven't given up on it and that it will be published. It will just be delayed for a bit until it's actually ready to be published.

The good news is that Red Sails is being written at the same time as Whispers on the Wind, so when Whispers is released, Red Sails will follow exactly a year after it.

I will admit I have had some issues with motivation and just putting words into a sentence without wanting to tear my hair out, which is what led to the delays. I haven't even worked on any of the fun stuff I write (*cough* the fan fiction I occasionally dabble in just to keep up the momentum).

But, back on track again. Time to dust off the writing laptop and get back to work.

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