Happy Holidays!

Who expected the pandemic to last this long? But, here it is, and now we're in the middle of our holiday season.

I realize that it's a huge drag to not be able to see your family. Or go on a holiday.

Trust me, I know.

I miss everyone in my family as well. This is the time of year, especially with a new house and a fireplace that I was hoping to have a big family dinner and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or two in front of that fireplace with my cousins.

Instead of doing that, we're doing it through Zoom.

Google Hangouts.

Phone and video calling.

I agree it's a drag. It's one of the reasons I couldn't deal with living in the apartment we were in and we all decided to move together to somewhere where we had more space and nicer view. We aren't regretting that decision one bit, let me tell you.

Shoveling the walkway (as planned) is more work than I expected.

So much so that I have gone from the 312lbs back to 272... and then lost some more and now currently weigh 268lbs. WOW.

We're not fighting as much, but I will admit the financial burden of that bigger space is causing its own degree of stress. First house and all. *screams internally*

We have yet to actually light a fire in either the inside fireplace or the firepit in the back yard.

But I will.

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